Steel Fittings

Choose from a variety of steel/pipe fittings, that are ideal for a range of compressed air applications. Pipe fitting refers to the installation or repair of pipes or tube systems that transport liquid, gas, and sometimes solid materials. It involves selecting and preparing pipes or tubes, using different ways to join them, and repairing leaks with them. At Compressor and Engine Engineering, we supply steel/pipe fittings, and we can install them in airline installations.

Up to 3" size threaded pipe is used regularly, once you exceed 4" a flanged connection is a stronger and safer alternative. We sell galvanized fittings from 1/8″ through to 2″ including, nipples, unions, pipes, elbows, crosses and reducing bushes and sockets, etc. 

You can buy galvanized pipe fittings, aluminum, and stainless steel piping, or black and mild steel pipe fittings from us.

Steel Fittings Form