Vane Compressor Repairs/Rebuilds/Services

Our skilled technicians will perform repair/rebuild/service work on your vane compressor. All maintenance/service work is monitored with detailed job cards. We will give you a call at every recommended service interval to ensure your machine is maintained.

Here’s a breakdown of how we work:

  • First, we will confirm your service date
  • Then gather spare parts for your piston compressor
  • We will send through a technician
  • Complete the job card
  • You will receive an invoice
  • Pay the invoice
  • We will follow up with you for customer feedback

How will you benefit if you maintain/service your vane compressor?

  • You will increase the lifespan of your vane compressor.
  • You will avoid downtime if your vane compressor is well maintained since it will continue to work well, even if it is a few years old.

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