A pulley is an important component of a rotary screw compressor and a belt-driven piston. A typical belt and pulley system has two or more pulleys that allow for mechanical power, speed and torque to be transmitted across axles. Pulleys with differing diameters will give your rotary screw compressor and belt-driven piston a mechanical advantage.

Ensure that the pulley is secure on the shaft, taper it onto a tapered shaft, or have it straight on the shaft with a taper lock bush. Also, make sure the ratio between the drive pulley and the driven pulley is correct. The right ratio will ensure that the compressor runs according to the factory requirements and that it generates good quality compressed air, as specified by the compressors make and model. If the pulley's size is incorrect, and if it is incorrectly aligned, the compressed air will be of poorer quality, and the wear parts will have a shorter lifespan.

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