Oil Water Separators

Oil Water Separators gather the leftover oil in a container and allow the purified water to be drained. They are a well priced (economical) solution to remove oil from moisture plus they are environment friendly. 

Use Oil Water Separators in any compressed air system project.

How will you benefit if you use an Oil Water Separator?

  • It produces clean water that you can throw away easily and safely
  • It's easy to operate
  • It's environment friendly
  • Easy to install and it requires little maintenance
  • Prevent high treatment costs
  • It uses oleophilic and carbon filters ensuring great performance
  • It's easy to use and has a maintenance indicator

 How does it work?

  1. It collects moisture that can include a combination of different oils.
  2. The moisture is gathered with mufflers, in an expansion chamber. In there the first stage of separation takes place through depressurization.
  3. Water/oil goes into the first column and travels through the oleophilic media, that exist of oil-absorbing fibers. The fibers allow water to go through it.
  4. You'll find that the oleophilic filter floats in the first column. This helps to absorb leftover oil floating on the surface.
  5. The filter gets heavier as it absorbs oil. As a result, the oil starts to reach the service indicator. A part of the filter absorbed with oil is still in contact with the water's surface.
  6. When the filter is consumed with oil, there is an indication that it needs to be replaced.
  7. Clean moisture from the bottom of the first column travels to the second column.
  8. There is activated carbon in the second column that absorbs the remainder of the oil in the moisture. The system has a large capacity so it will prevent spilling if something causes a blockage in the system. Or even if the system produces a lot of moisture.
  9. At the outlet, the oil content is more or less 15mg/liter. At this level, you can dispose of the moisture/water into a drain without harming the environment.


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