Non Return Valves

We sell a wide variety of non-return valves ideal for a wide range of compressed air applications. Get in touch with us if you need a male or female tank connection or an in-tank solution or perhaps an inline non-return valve. Our range starts from 1/4" up and till 2" or 50mm.

A non-return valve is also known as a check valve and plays an important role in any air compressor, piston or rotary screw compressor. An air compressors check valve's only function is to let air flow from one side to the other and to block air from the opposite direction at the same time.

Hold the check valve in your hand and blow on the one side of it, you will see the air coming out on the other side. But if you turn the check valve around you will not be able to blow air through it. This is what happens inside the compressor as soon as the compressed air passed the check valve, it can't go back again. 

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