If you own a compressor that is still under warranty we recommend that you sue an OEM lubricant to make sure your warranty stays valid. Compressor and Engine Engineering can supply most OEM lubricants. 

Here's how you can benefit if you use the correct lubricant that is developed for your specific application:

  • You will spend less money on maintenance 
  • It will help you reach your compressors maximum performance and efficiency 
  • Your compressors warranty will remain valid
  • Our lubricants are tested and approved for their specific application
  • Using the correct lubricant will ensure that your compressor is more reliable minimizing the risk of underperformance 
  • Your compressor lifespan is extended 

If you use a low-quality lubricant it can cause irreversible damage to your equipment leading to high maintenance cost.

Here's what you can avoid if you use the correct lubricant that is developed for your specific application: 

  • Damage to your compressor element 
  • Lower performance and higher energy consumption
  • Wear of your compressors components
  • Clogging of your oil filter, separator, and downstream air filters 
  • Less cooling and overheating of compression elements, bearings, and components  
  • Reduced critical clearance
  • Underperformance of your compressor
  • The wrong pH - parts, seals and internals that are damaged
  • Corrosion
  • Internal parts with a varnish layer
  • Unpredictable maintenance cost 

Contact us, tel: +27 (0)11 914 1093 and speak to one of our staff members for advice on buying the correct lubricant for your compressor, or fill in the below form.

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