Line Filters

Make sure your compressed air is free of impurities with line filters. Air contains impurities such as dust, moisture, and different forms of hydrocarbons. If it is sucked in by the compressor, it's compressed and delivered to the line. Additionally, compressed air also includes oil particles from oil-injected compressors. These impurities can generate abrasive and corrosive material. And as time goes by, it can damage the distribution lines, the product produced, and pneumatic devices. At Compressor and Engine Engineering we sell a wide variety of line filters to prevent this from happening and to purify the air before it is used on the plant.

How will you benefit if you use a line filter?

  • It will clean the air from oil and dust particles
  • Take advantage of our line filter's simple design and good performance
  • Multiple cartridges for specific filtration purposes
  • Improve quality and production, and prevent breakdowns from happening
  • Spend less on maintenance costs
  • Improve reliability and efficiency
  • Improve the lifespan of your equipment and distribution network
  • Your end product is of a higher quality

Line Filters Form