Filter Regulator Lubricators

How will you benefit if you use a filter regulator and filter lubricator?

It is recommended that you use filter regulators, and filter lubricators (in that order) for pre-tool air preparation. Thorough air preparation will improve the performance of your tools and increase the lifespan of your tools. Mount the unit as close as possible to the tool, ideally where the tool hose is connected to the system. Make sure you check the condition of your filter regulators/lubricators regularly. Your operators or maintenance workers can check them for you.

Air Filters

Filters will separate impurities like water and solid particles from each other but If you decide against using filters with your air tools it will decrease their lifespan,. Additionally, it will reduce your compressed air systems performance and increase your maintenance costs. In the case of an old air system with cool dryers, you'll notice that they generate a lot of rust. If you run tools without installing a filter you can damage the tool in less than a week's time. Our air filters have a very low-pressure drop.


Your pre-set working pressure will remain constant if you use a regulator. Even with pressure variations in the intake air and minor variations in the airflow rate. If you have a pressure of one bar higher than is necessary it will result in a 16% increase in air consumption. Spring controlled regulators will prevent an increase in air consumption and should be used on all types of air tools.


Make sure you don't have to change your motor vanes more than is necessary by using lubricators. If you do not use them the life of the vanes could decrease to as little as 1/10th of its normal working time. The oil fog lubricator supplies a mist of oil to the air hose.

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