Electrical Spares

We sell various electrical spares that are suitable for compressed air equipment. From a simple 220v, single-phase pressure switch to an advanced contractor, timer, and overload systems.

Single-phase pressure switches normally have a maximum of 20 Amps, our range at Compressor and Engine Engineering have a set differential of 2bar with an easy to use on and off switch. Additionally, we have small circuit breakers and capacitors in our electrical spares range. They are suitable for a variety of electric motors and will prevent overload.

For three-phase piston compressors, we can provide you with an option of either a single-phase pressure switch with a soft start direct online panel or otherwise you can choose a star-delta panel. You can also go for a 380v pressure switch with built-in overload.

Unsure which option is best? Why not talk to our technicians they can help you make the best choice.

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