Drive Belts

Drive belts are used in air compressors to connect the motor to the compressor pump. As the motor turns the belt will turn with it, activating the pump.

If you want to install a new drive belt there are a few things you have to consider. Belt drives operate on the friction principle (principle of wedging). The friction between the belt and the pulley transmits power, from one pulley to the next. The driving pulley will put the belt in motion, and it will start rotating causing the driven pulley to move with it.

Follow the below recommendations for improved performance of your air compressors:

  • Use one brand for your drive belts
  • Use one brand for your belt construction 
  • Don't use old and new belts together 
  • Don't use force to remove, or to put new belts on. Adjust the pulleys so the belts can be removed and installed easily. Once done use a tensioning tool to ensure the correct tension is on each of the belts. 

Drive Belts Form