Cyclonic Water Separator

Cyclonic water separators use force that moves away from the center to remove moisture droplets that formed in the flow of compressed air because of a drop in temperature. They are ideal for the first stage of moisture separation from compressed air in industrial applications. And they will remove most of the moisture from your compressed air but there might still be some left at the exit of the separator. To remove it you can use additional products like compressed air dryers, coalescing filters, etc.

Cyclonic water separators have aluminum bodies that allow for high efficiency in moisture separation with a low-pressure drop. The cartridges inside of them are reliable, with no chance of clogging and their aluminum bodies are painted with powder paint to prevent corrosion.

Here's how you will benefit if you use a cyclonic water separator:

  • The force that moves away from the center effectively removes water and big particles
  • There is a low-pressure drop
  • It will protect the filter media against decay
  • They are cheap and require little maintenance
  • They are reliable
  • They will prevent clogging, sediments, corrosion and protect your pipe system
  • Prevent the filter media from decaying
  • Prevents your compressed air system from freezing
  • Protects your compressed air tools and devices from mechanical failure

Cyclonic Water Separator Form