Compressed Air Audit

Not sure about your compressed air requirements? Then a compressed air audit can help you.

We can determine your compressed air requirements with an air audit. An air audit can identify areas where you can save money and it can enhance your knowledge about compressed air requirements in general. During the air audit, we will test the flow of your compressed air system and load cycles. Afterward, we will provide you with a report that contains recommendations on how to optimize your compressed air system.

Here is a summary of how we evaluate your air system.

  • We determine how much air your compressed air system is using
  • The quality of the air that your system puts out

Questions we ask

  • Is the amount of air that your system produces efficient for your needs?
  • Can the air be stored effectively?
  • Is the air being distributed effectively?
  • What is the overall performance of your system?

Flow Meters

As soon as your compressed air system is up and running the compressed air needed can fluctuate considerably. The most accurate way of monitoring the system is by using one or several flow meters that are installed at strategic locations in the facility that is using the compressed air system.

We recommend installing a flow meter at the following points in your compressed air audit:

  • At the start where the air is entering the system (intake air)
  • Measure the total air usage in the system (total usage)
  • At the pipes used to carry the air from one point to another (distribution pipes)
  • Where the air is being used (work areas)

Compressed Air Audit Form