Automatic Drains

Use automatic drains to remove moisture from air receivers, dryers, filters, and condensate separators. There are various types of condensate drains, float drains, autodrains with timers included, electronic autodrains, and automatic internal autodrains for filters. Automatic drains can be used in any application that makes use of compressed air systems. Use manual condensate drains to remove moisture from filters with 1/2" drain connections. Automatic condensate drains are ideal for when larger amounts of moisture need to be removed automatically. If the moisture exceeds the discharge level, the float rises, and the discharge aperture opens to remove moisture from the system.

How will you benefit if you use an automatic drain?

  • Easily remove moisture from the compressed air chain
  • Little maintenance needed
  • Improve the flow of your production
  • Improve the lifespan of your distribution network and equipment 

Automatic Drains Form