Air Oil Separators

While air is being compressed oil is injected to lubricate, absorb and seal the heat of compression. Afterward, a mixture of air and oil comes out of the compressor element, but the oil is meant to stay inside of the compressor. An air-oil separator can help you to achieve this. It will separate compressed air from oil and allow the compressed air to exit the compressor but not the oil. The oil should stay inside of the compressor to keep it lubricated.

During the separation process, most of the oil will be separated by a centrifugal force that is effective in removing the oil. The oil will drop to the bottom of the receiver and usually, there is a splash plate installed that prevents the air-oil mixture from landing on the separator filter. About 85% of the oil is separated this way and 15% exits the compressed air as small droplets and mist. As the oil droplets travel through the separator filter, they combine to form large drops until they fall and are collected at the bottom of the separator filter. The oil is then removed by the scavenge line.

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