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An inlet air filter is the most important filter on your compressor and dust is the biggest reason for engine and element wear. Dust will dramatically reduce the life of the compressor element, compressor oil, and oil separator element.

The main function of dry air filters is to protect the compressor element from damage caused by dust.

By preventing dust from entering at the air inlet filter you can extend the lifespan of the following components:

  • Compressor oil
  • Compressor element
  • Diesel engine
  • Bearings and moving parts
  • Air oil separator
  • Compressor Oil Filter

When you want to buy an air filter it is important to consider the filter medium and paper quality of the filter. So what is the difference in filter paper? Fiber structure, filter fineness, dirt absorbing capacity, temperature resistance, water/oil/other substances wear resistance are some of the differences.

Air filters using cheap paper, that is not reinforced will have a higher risk of premature wear and of compressors performing poorly. If you use a filter with a low-quality paper you can experience the following: 

  • You'll notice the filter paper has big pores
  • Large particles are passing through the filter paper resulting in higher wear
  • It collects less dirt which leads to a faster increase in differential pressure
  • Decreased service life
  • Less pulsation strength 
  • The absorption of water by the filter paper changes the pore size and the filter is less effective

The filter paper used in the air filters that we sell at Compressor and Engine Engineering has a high resistance against humidity. In countries with high humidity, the air contains a high amount of moisture. 

So apart from the filter paper how do you distinguish poor quality filters from good ones?

By looking at them. Here is what you might see if you are looking at a poor quality air filter:

  • The filter area is too small 
  • An element partially connected with staples
  • The endplates are not properly sealed
  • The seal is damaged
  • The fold spacing is irregular 

An air filter with a poor separation ability means that more dust will enter the compressor unit. And with a poor quality or the wrong size air filter, free air delivery can be reduced and it can result in higher electricity costs for the amount of air produced.

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