Who We Are

Our Vision

Is to expand our services to all types of industries that make use of air, all aspects of air technology, from dew point manipulation, high pressure, vacuum, and the engineering thereof.


Our Mission

Is to be the turn-key leaders as a service provider in the compressed air industries and to make maintenance on compressors and downstream equipment affordable.

In addition, our commitment to service excellence and preventative maintenance aimed at maximizing the reliability and longevity of our service, and to offer our customers the ultimate in air technology solutions.


Our Core Values
"Our dedicated and highly trained staff are committed to producing high-quality work for our clients that is produced on time. "


Our History & Credentials

1989: Compressor & Engine Engineering Founded

1994: Opened Locomotive Engineering Division

1996: Appointed as Approved Supplier to Transnet Rail Engineering on Air Related Components

2000: Appointed as approved Distributor for Compair specializing Rotary Screw & Vane Compressors

2004: Became ISO9001: 2000 Approved

2005: Appointed as Key Critical Success Supplier for Metrorail on Compressors & Exhausters

2007: Appointed and Approved for the Supply & Repair of Vacuum Brake Cylinders

2010: Opened Filtration Division

2010: Appointed a Distributor for Jorc & Omega Products

2011: Manufactured our first Desiccant Dryers

2011: Appointed a Distributor for SCR Range of Rotary Compressors

2012: Appointed a Distributor CPI - UK